From Ses Salines Lighthouse to Es Caragol Beach

Now, as the high season has arrived, our guests are often happy to get some „secret“ tips from us for nice beaches in the nearer area. Let‘s just tell it as it is – there are less and less „real“ secret places on Mallorca, but there are still enough spots where you can find some peace and inspiration even if it‘s being pretty busy on the island!

One of these beaches is Platja des Caragol in the very South of Mallorca. If you are lucky and have a boat, you can reach this beautiful, natural beach with white sand easily… If not, please don‘t be disappointed either – maybe you are even luckier, as you can combine your visit with a lovely walk of around 30 minutes, starting from Cap Ses Salines. When you arrive there (which is, by the way, the southernmost point of the island!), you already can enjoy stunning views up to the little island of Cabrera, overviewing the deep blue Mediterranean sea. You start to walk to the right. The path is already a little attraction of itself, as you will find many little „natural art works“ – small towers made of stones by other visitors who went along here before.

As soon as you arrive at the beach, you‘ll see that it was worth taking this half hour for the walk. You‘ll be rewarded with white sand, turquoise water and only few visitors, even in summer! You can be sure to find a little, private spot where you can enjoy your day.

What about ending this little trip with a romantic dinner in Ses Salines, a very authentic and nice Majorcan village? CASSAÏ is one of the „dreamlike“ places to enjoy great Mediterranean food in a beautiful ambience.