Yoga – a practice to assist the natural healing power of the body

What does ‘being healthy’ mean to you? Does it mean that you are not sick? Does it simply mean the absence of disease, or does ‘being healthy’ mean so much more than that? Could ‘being healthy’ mean that not only are you not sick, but you are also fully awake and aware, vibrating, radiant, happy and full of energy?

For me ‘being healthy’ is exactly that; feeling alive, vibrant and thriving, feeling true happiness from within, feeling centered, balanced and in tune with nature, and myself, listening to the signals of my body and heart, and flowing with it.

Now, it hasn’t always been like this… but I was lucky to discover ashtanga yoga some 8 years ago, and the practice has come to change my life.

To fully understand our health, one of the essential places to get to know and understand is our gut and what is happening inside it. All of the systems in the body (nervous, circulatory, digestive, lymphatic, respiratory etc) work closely together to maintain optimal health, and if one system is unbalanced it can affect another, causing problems in other areas of our bodies, which could eventually lead to disease. This is particularly true of the gut and its impact on the immune system. The gut and the immune system are inextricably linked; approximately 70% of our immune system is located in our digestive system.

We often read and hear about doing detoxes be it through raw food, juicing, or fasting. There is no doubt a detox can have immense benefits on our system offering a cleanse and rest to our digestive system so that energy can be released and used elsewhere in the body. But, like most things in life unless we keep it up and make it a part of our daily life, integrating it, the effect will soon diminish.

Using ashtanga yoga as a practice in everyday life can assist the self-cleansing detoxifying process of the body. And how is that, you may ask?

When you start practicing yoga, and practice regularly you may notice how the practice get things moving in the body, this is because the asanas (postures) work on the internal organs increasing their motility and mobility, which in turn aid the natural detoxing process of the body. The twisting, bending (forward and backwards), stretching, and compressing nature of the different asanas helps to improve circulation, regulate digestion and stimulate the lymphatic system.

In addition to the physical benefits, yoga can also provide mental clarity. Yoga has always stressed the importance of observing and regulating the breath.  In ashtanga yoga the focus is on deep breathing in connection with each movement. In synchronizing movement and breath we start to take note of what our breath is doing. When we pay attention to the breath, it brings us fully into the present. It is impossible to focus on the breath without paying attention to the here and now. The breath is therefore a tool to connect the body with the mind, to unite us with ourselves.

As you start connecting with your body you may begin to notice what your body is feeling, how it is reacting to different situations in life and to what you are eating. You could notice that some foods make you feel heavier and some make you feel lighter. As your practice deepens you become more aware of the body and how you react to different foods. You may eventually find yourself listening to your body’s actual needs, rather than to the mind’s constant chatter (wanting this that and the other). Would you like to test yourself in distinguishing if it is your body or mind speaking? When you reach out to open up the cupboard or the fridge to get that snack, pause and ask; is it my mind wanting something to maybe comfort a stressful day, or is it my body truly asking for it? When you are connected to your body, in the flow, respecting and honoring it, you will want to treat yourself with only the foods that feed, sustain and nourish it.

This is the power of yoga; a practice that brings us awareness, and guides us to being fully present in making the daily choices to create a happy, healthy, vibrant life. A practice that leaves you feeling cleaner on the inside and more energetic on the outside. A preventive practice to health, rather than a reactive measure to disease.

Here at Cal Reiet we are passionate about sharing the beauty and vibrancy of life. We offer different retreats, individual classes and treatments, vegetarian and vegan cuisine for anyone interested in learning more about themselves, health and wellbeing. From March, 21st to April, 6th we offer a special program with morning and afternoon activities where you will get a chance to learn and deepen your awareness through yoga asana practices, meditation, pranayama and dance accompanied by a healthy vegetarian cuisine. Hope to see you in a few weeks.

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