New spa facilites by More Design at Cal Reiet Holistic Retreat
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New steam sauna, dry sauna, Jacuzzi and infrared chamber by More Design at Cal Reiet

This season we’ve got some news to share with you. We’ve been working hand in hand with the talented team of More Design to create new experiences and take even better care of you while staying at our holistic retreat in Santanyí.

More Design has developed a special steam and dry sauna, infrared chamber and Jacuzzi to pamper our guests this upcoming season, starting on April the 15th 2021.

One of the things we enjoy the most is working with people who are not only extremely talented and passionate, but also understand Cal Reiet and the concept behind it. Here’s what the team at More Design has to say about working with us at Cal Reiet:

More Design on working at Cal Reiet

The main attraction of working in Cal Reiet, Santanyí, gravitating our attention south, the Paris Texas of Mallorca, with rolling hay stacks & golden sun kissed fields is not only timeless and nostalgic, but reminds us to day dream and transcend the monotonous…We want this magic to transmit to the work we do for our friends Henning & Petra at Cal Reiet’s new spa. Bringing together tactile, local, artisanal, Mediterranean materials that will last in time and become more beautiful over the years. We hope your experience will be as much fun as the creation of it!

New spa facilities at Cal Reiet

One of the new additions to our wellbeing area will be the steam and dry sauna. When sitting in a wet sauna, you will sweat, which causes unwanted toxins to leave your body. It is also believed that using a wet sauna on a regular basis can decrease one’s chances of certain illnesses because many viruses cannot live in such high temperatures. On the other hand, dry saunas relieve tension and stress, stimulate blood circulation and help rejuvenate the skin through perspiration.

When soaking in a Jacuzzi, there also many possible health benefits you will get from it. For starters, you will be able to ease the tensions of the day and let stress go. It also improves your sleep, relaxes your muscles, relieves pain and betters cardiovascular health.

No question asked, we’re looking forward to sharing these new facilities by More Design with all of you starting on April the 15th 2021.