Get to know Patricia Parinejad , author, photographer and producer of the book 'Green Mallorca'
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Get to know Patricia Parinejad , author, photographer and producer of the book ‘Green Mallorca’

On April, the 30th of 2022 we are hosting the book launch of ‘Green Mallorca’, the first of a GREEN SERIES written, photographed and produced by Patricia Parinejad, who decided to share these words with all of us.

“Mallorca, an island I had visited a few times during a short vacation or a job assignment but never had the chance to discover its beauty in depth.

By the end of 2020 the world was going into lockdown and I decided to take this opportunity combined with a long needed break.
The sad consequences of man’s impact on Mallorca’s environment could be experienced first-hand since years: heat and droughts in summer, torrential downpours, plastic and jellyfish plagues, a stressed marine life and devastating effects of uncontrolled tourism pushing water consumption and pollution to the brink.

Upon arrival during those quiet winter days, I discovered a different Mallorca. The absence of crowds had led to a pristine, hale, and almost untouched paradise, where I could smell Mother Earth’s aromas again. Here my book GREEN MALLORCA was born and I want to offer people who live a sustainable lifestyle and who care for their island a platform and give them a voice.

This book is the first in a GREEN SERIES and will continue with GREEN NAMIBIA a, the role model country for sustainability and conservation on the African continent.
Themes I care about.

We know all that we can’t change the world as it is today.
But we can create awareness and a shifting of action at least to save what is left.”