Your body is the temple of your Soul

Food has always been, and always will be, one of our priorities as human beings.
And it could not be different: food is the ‘fuel’ for our ‘engine’!
Everyone of us eat at least twice a day (…at least!).

Thanks to food we recharge. Everything we do, consume our vital energy: sleeping, breathing and even thinking consumes energy (energy can be measured in the form of calories; a calorie is a unit of energy that measures the amount of energy that food provides). Therefore by eating we recharge our system with new energy.

Well it is known that there are people that can live by light. But it is not something that everyone can do especially not without a very profound spiritual and physical preparation/training.

So, we can assume that without food we cannot live: if you stay several days without eating, there is no doubt that your body will react in one way or another.

What lots of people do not consider is that our body also reacts to the type of food we choose to feed it: and that is really what matters.

Have you ever heard the saying: “You are what you eat”?
It is not a saying that was recently invented due to people becoming more aware of the importance of what we eat. It is a fact that comes from the past: it means that back in the days also our grand parents knew that what we introduce in our body becomes part of ourselves.

Here we do not want to argue what you have, or you do not have to introduce into your body, we are just focusing on the importance of it. Everyone makes their own choices.

Also not choosing is a choice by itself: you are choosing not to choose. This is the kind of unconscious choice that people do because choosing could make them responsible!

Being aware means, as a matter of fact, take responsibility for what you are doing, what you are thinking, what actually you ARE and that everything you do, think and are right now will influence directly your presence and future.

This is the same referring to food: what you choose to eat NOW will affect your body in this moment, and in the future. It can manifest in the form of strength, health and vitality, or through discomfort and disease. The food we eat affects our immediate wellbeing.

For example, have you ever experienced a heavy headache or stomach ache after you have been eating “something”? Have you ever been aware that that headache or stomach ache comes back every time you have been eating that “something”?
And on the other side, have you ever felt the sensation of being energized by “something” you’ve eaten?
So… why not choosing the food that makes you feel this sensation rather than the one that cause you pain or makes you feel heavy?

When you choose to be aware of the food you eat, you feel the urge to know more about it, where it comes from, how it has been cultivated, what kind of nutrients it gives you…

Again, we are not here to tell you what is good or bad: we just want to ‘ring a bell’ and create awareness of the importance of what we choose to put into our bodies.

In Cal Reiet, we care about food, and we carefully select nutrient rich food for our guests to choose from.
That is why our breakfast and dinner are made with organic fresh produce coming mainly from the island of Mallorca.
That is why we decided to make a vegetarian selection of dinners (every day freshly prepared by our chefs) and that is why we have a seasonal menu of our freshly made juices and smoothies.

We would like you to experience the feeling of being energized by food so, here we share with you one of our smoothie recipes.
It is a simple but effective one! We call it “Power Boost”.

1/2 cup of almond milk
1/4 of avocado
1 banana (it depends on the size)
2 dates
A little spoon of flax seeds
Cocoa at pleasure

Now, put everything into your mixer, blend everything till it becomes creamy and drink it!!!
Let us know how you feel after drinking it. We already know that you are going to love it!

So, every time you eat, be aware and choose consciously what you want to introduce into your body because it is the temple of your soul. Take care of it!

Until next week and next post.