Boutiques in Santanyí

Santanyí is very charming and authentic Mallorcan village. Combine this with its serene atmosphere and chic places to stay, eat and shop, and you have the ingredients that give Santanyí that special flair. You can happily get “lost” walking through its small rural streets and discover unexpectedly gorgeous boutiques with a signature style that you won’t find anywhere else on Mallorca.

We are absolutely in love with the boutique shops here, that’s why we wanted to share with you some of our very favourite places to find that unique something you will feel happy to wear and bring home to reminds you of your holidays.

Mimar Lifestyle
Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10:00h- 13:00h and on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 17:00h-19:00h
Address: Carrer Bisbe Verger, 25

Mimar is a perfect mix of women’s fashion to home furniture- beautiful hand-crafted bags, hand-painted tableware, boho clothes and accessories, organic tea, hamam-beach-blankets, dreamy-dream catchers, summer-loving jewellery and much more!
Its founder is Kiki from Holland. She has her main focus on Dutch brands, but you will find special items from all over the world. When she sees something that “gives her the love at first sight feeling”, she can’t resist to bring it into her shop. The goal is always to have brands and products that are not sold yet on Mallorca.
Mimar is always in change to keep her clients (and herself) inspired. Kiki updates her collection continuously, so each time you visit Mimar, you will be surprised. Guaranteed!

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 10:00h-20:30h
Address: Plaza de la Constitución, 4

Annagramma is a place where ethnic fashion weaves effortlessly between subtle Eastern influences and a sophisticated, urban sensibility. There is a bold mix of fabrics and textures for a new sense of lightness and a modern proposal on layering, intentionally simple for summer and winter pleasure.
The owner- Marzia (a beautiful Italian lady) is travelling to select personally the items for the shop. Warm prints, flowery silks and glossy beads fill this Italian shop with influences from Asia (mainly Thailand), India and also Paris. (We love the selection of beautiful boho jewellery, especially the necklaces!)

The insider tip: if you are a group of at least 5 ladies, you can reserve (at no extra charge) your own tailor made shopping experience in the private patio area. How about trying different clothes showing them to your friends for their opinion and just have fun?!

La Magnona
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 10:00h-20:00h
Address: calle Sant Andreu, 3
Facebook: La Magnona

Here you will find a wide selection of brands from Barcelona, Ibiza, Germany, Italy, Paris and in exclusivity for Mallorca the Danish brand Nü. The big variety of choices goes from more elegant to hippy chic style and beach fashion. There is also a beautiful jewellery collection from Nepal. Don’t miss it!  We are sure that any of you could find their desired look at La Magnona. But be advised, it might get difficult to choose between so many beautiful looks!

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10:00h -13:30h, 16:30h-20h, Saturday- only morning
Address: calle Sol, 6
Facebook: Miramá

This is one of the most charming boutiques you will ever see. Its owner- Catalina is a multi-talented, always-creating-something-new person! She paints, sews, make crochet work and large etc. of more talents like acting in the local theatre.
If you have to describe the items you can find in her boutique with only one word, this definitely would be- handcrafted. Most of them directly by her. Large selection of Mallorcan straw baskets, handbags, accessories (we are still dreaming of the beautiful turquoise crochet wallets she made by hand), details for kids, romantic and chic jewellery, as well as carefully selected dresses and clothes.

If you are staying in Santanyi for few days, Catalina can even prepare for you a unique tailor made straw basket!
Something curious: the “Do not disturb “Shhh”” door signs we have at Cal Reiet were painted by Catalina.

This is just a small selection of the many boutiques you can find in Santanyi. We also recommend you to have a look at Boho, Diva, Santanyi Home, Sa Païsca and Purpurina.

With lots of sunny greetings and wishes for happy shopping time,