Meet our retreat guests: Ina Kess

One of the things we love the most about hosting different retreats is meeting people. We love to share with all kinds of people with different stories, backgrounds, knowledge and passions. In September we’re hosting a very special retreat ‘Rest in yourself’. It is a late summer retreat led by Sangeeta Bhandari & Petra Bensland that is meant to be a reminder that we can feel a sense of wholeness as we allow our self to flow with your own rhythms. With daily yoga sessions (in the morning and the evening) subtle changes will allow yourself to come into a fuller expression of yourself, leading towards living life with grace and ease.

And the sisters Katharina and Isabella Staub, the faces behind the INA KESS brand, have de-cided to join us on this wonderful journey. So today we decided to let you know a little bit more about this Swiss sports lifestyle brand everyone is talking about.

INA KESS – the sports lifestyle brand you need to know about 

It all started with creating the best and most comfortable sports outfit. Soon, the sisters realized that they themselves expected this quality and comfort in their everyday wear—far beyond just sport. Why can comfort and function not go hand in hand with elegance?

Women these days are so versatile, but their wardrobes aren’t. They are forced to continuously make outfit decisions based on activities, usage, and expectations. Katharina and Isabelle realized that material and fit were the key decision drivers as to why women choose what to wear, when. Why not break this open?

They created a signature fabric pallet focusing on comfort, and generated a design language that places the focus on elegant, feminine power silhouettes. Combined, these elements created clothing items for everyday use, from sport to business, and from traveling to the dinner party—INA KESS offers elegant comfort, totally throwing the norm of dressing over-board.

The Swiss heritage ensures a clean design language with a core focus on quality. And a European-based material and production focus enables these high standards that INA KESS vows to. Katharina and Isabelle have created a solution for many women to dress with in-tent yet without losing their sense of style.

INA KESS is available in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the Benelux countries and partners with stores such as Jelmoli, Pesko, KaDeWe, Steffl, Daniels and Strolz.