Holistic Wellbeing Retreats

Cal Reiet was founded with the purpose of inspiring our guests with a unique and transformative experience. Our different retreats include yoga, meditation and mindfulness workshops, seminars and other holistic wellness related events. The retreats include all aspects of wellbeing; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social. Most of our retreats are led by renowned international teachers and holistic wellness experts. You can choose a completely personalised wellbeing experience tailored to your individual needs, or you can choose to join one of our upcoming group retreats.



From 05/10/2022 to 09/10/2022

ReCharge Retreat by Powerhouse
Tor Andersen & Jan Svensson

In the PowerHouse we get energy from being together with people … and to inspire, motivate and of course keeping our own and our clients’ bodies in the form of motion as well as our heads clear and fresh, by being curious and learning new things.

We know how difficult it can be to balance everyday life, when the calendar fills up, the phone rings mails’ne pouring in and the job, family and friends at times takes the focus from yourself. Therefore, we believe that we all need small breaks in everyday life that can remind us of the simple and essential thing is to create better focus and more balance in our lives.

Powerhouse ReCharge Retreat is an invitation to 5 days of rest, exercise, discretion vegetarian / vegan diet and positivity. We want to inspire you fill your body with energy, creating motivation, push your limits and reset your head.

***in Danish***

From 14/10/2022 to 18/10/2022

Ulrica Norberg

Join Ulrica Norberg for this sweet retreat, where the focus lies on caring for maintenance of each segment of the body and its inner domains - with the intention of wholeness, decreasing pain and adding pleasure, transforming tension to strength and insecurity to growth.

You will most certainly leave with a far more cleared up sensation In your body, mind and spirit!



From 18/10/2022 to 22/10/2022

Anna Lundh

Det är en lisa för själen att smyga ut varje morgon kl 7 och börja med andningsövningar, yoga och meditation. Vi arbetar lugnt och metodiskt i 2 timmar.
Solen hinner långsamt stiga på himlen. Därefter serveras en helt oemotståndlig brunch.
På eftermiddagen tar dagens Garudaklass vid. Garuda är en kombination av yoga, pilates, tai chi och dans. Rörelserna är skonsamma och flödar. Alla, såväl nybörjare som lite mer erfarna, kan vara med.
På kvällen serveras en oemotståndlig vegetarisk buffé som man enkelt kan anpassa till veganskt innehåll.

***in Swedish***

From 22/10/2022 to 26/10/2022

Trine Hedegaard

Kom med på 5-dages retreat med Trine og en gruppe skønne medsøstre til smukke Mallorca og lad energireserverne op. Det er en fantastisk mulighed for at tage en time-out under lunere himmelstrøg med tid til forkælelse, afslapning og refleksion.

Hver dag vil inkludere yogasekvenser lavet med omtanke med elementer af både Yin og Mindful flow yoga, meditation, perioder med stilhed, refleksionsøvelser - og selvfølgelig tid til at dase ved poolen, nyde den smukke natur, og tage på små ture ned i den hyggelige landsby eller de omkringliggende strande.

***in Danish***

From 26/10/2022 to 01/11/2022

Lauren Ikeda

Join host Lauren Ikeda on this intimate luxury adventure retreat on the beautiful island of Mallorca.
Situated in the rural heart of Mallorca only moments from the picturesque village of Santanyi, Cal Reiet offers a true haven for relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation.

During this 6-night retreat you will stay at a gorgeous 19th century country hideaway, dine on locally sourced plant-based meals, explore the local beaches, visit the famous caves, sip on fine wine, build connections, and of course deepen your yoga practice with classes and educational workshops.

From 01/11/2022 to 04/11/2022

Coach my life
Charlotte Hamann

Fra 1.- 4. november har du sammen med en eksklusiv gruppe af kvinder, en enestående chance for at tage en timeout fra den travle hverdag.
I skønne omgivelser med den lækreste antiinflammatoriske kost, er der perfekte forudsætninger for at komme ned i gear, finde fred og fordybelse, genskabe balance i kroppen og få børstet noget af hverdagens travlhed af.
Hver dag er målet at forkæle alle dine sanser

Energiforløsende Yoga, vandreture i naturskønne omgivelser, afslapning ved poolområdet, lækre buffetter for både øje og mave, samt idylliske, og æstetisk indrettede bygninger.
Jeg garanterer, at du fra første øjeblik mærker roen, charmen og den velkomponerede luksus.
Programmet er skruet sammen, så såvel begyndere på yogamåtten som erfarne yogier får udbytte.

***in Danish***

From 04/11/2022 to 07/11/2022

Becoming whole
Johanna Lundström

- re-membering your soul’s longing -

Let your mind start a journey through a strange new world
Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before
Let your soul take you where you long to be
Close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar, and you’ll live as you’ve never lived before
-Erich Fromm-

Join Johanna, one of the co-founders of Cal Reiet and our healer in residence, during four heart-opening days. She will share healing practices to help you
re-member with your true self.
Becoming whole is a journey through the heart to the soul.
Give yourself the gift of connecting with your heart and soul’s journey.
Allow yourself to heal - to become whole - because you deserve it.

From 11/11/2022 to 16/11/2022

Luxury Wellness Yoga Retreat
Karl Straub

Join Karl Straub and special guests at internationally acclaimed hotel Cal Reiet on the island of Mallorca. It is the perfect setting to recover, rebalance, and heal with twice daily yoga, amazing chef-prepared vegetarian brunch and dinner, and a beautiful room with private bathroom.

From 16/11/2022 to 20/11/2022

Tess Keijzer

A female leadership retreat.

“Explore your heart away from home, discover its intelligence and what you truly want to create in your life and business to thrive from your highest potential"

Het Heart Retreat is een exclusief leiderschap retreat, voor vrouwelijke leiders, CEO’s, directeuren, managers en ondernemers. Het is een magische plek om je terug te trekken uit je alledaagse leven en werk, om intensief en waardevol te reflecteren op jouw leiderschap.

We focussen tijdens het retreat op de thema’s heart, trust, purpose en action. Het retreat is een sweet mix van wetenschap, ervaringsoefeningen, energie en lichaamswerk, meditatie, (zelf)reflectie en ceremonies.

Tijdens het retreat leer je over wat moedig leiderschap voor jou betekent, je leert verbinden met de oneindige intelligentie van je hart, het (her)vinden en ervaren van grenzeloos vertrouwen in jezelf. Je (her)ontdekt jouw purpose en leert hoe je die groots en krachtig neer te kunnen zetten in deze wereld, jouw organisatie, jouw business of jouw team.

In dit retreat krijg je antwoorden over hoe je daadwerkelijk kan leven en leiden vanuit jouw hart, en hoogste potentieel.

***in Dutch***

From 20/11/2022 to 25/11/2022

The natural state of being
Lama Tilmann Lhündrup

This retreat is focussed on meditation of the natural being, bodywork and reflections on social change.

The teachings will be given in the style of the Tibetan "Mahamudra" tradition, which is the rising in the natural being through a deep awareness of the intangible nature of all things. It is a deeply transformative meditation in the natural state of being. The heart-felt letting go which is necessary in this process becomes possible through insight and trust in the inherently already liberated nature of our mind.

Whether at rest or in motion, we always cultivate the awake, immediate experience of what is and take all sensory experiences as gateways into true, timeless being. Seeing, hearing, feeling and thinking, all forms of experience reveal themselves as the spontaneous play of changing phenomena. We practise recognising the true nature of experience in this play by looking again and again into the continuous change and the intangible nature of “what is”. In doing so, the flowing now reveals itself and we also discover the forces that shape this process. The path of awakening, of simply “being like this”, becomes more and more experiential.

You can find all the details, daily program and prices in the PDF document below, clicking on "More information".

For retreat reservations please contact us on: enquiries@calreiet.com


For retreat reservations please contact us on: enquiries@calreiet.com


We look forward to working with you so that we can personalise your retreat according to your needs.


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