Meet the team at Cal Reiet: Stefanie

Cal Reiet is more than a hotel. It’s more than a holistic retreat escape. It’s a family. And everyone involved in this beautiful project is unique. We believe in the power of people, in the power of doing good things for others and in the power of healing as a group, because empathy is what’s most important to build up. So now we have decided to introduce the Cal Reiet team members individually for you to get to know them better, to understand their background and to discover why they are working with us at Cal Reiet. Here goes our ‘meet the team’ article!

Meet the team at Cal Reiet: this is Stefanie

You don’t get a job in Cal Reiet hotel if you don’t like making people happy. Customers come to hotels for various reasons, but in short, they want an experience, whether it is spiritual one or just to reset, I live to delight our guests, whether that means organising our morning yoga classes, or bringing a fresh green juice to our retreat guest. Even if I’m presented with more challenging tasks, the appreciation we get from our guest in Cal Reiet is always a big light.

Probably my favourite thing about my job is making a visible difference every single day. Whether it is showing people around in our beautiful house or welcoming returning visitors with fresh glass of our own home made lemon juice, or simply offer a smile to our guest when they return from the beach. I’m partly responsible for making sure that their stay is as fabulous.

Another thing I am in incredibly grateful for is not only serving guests from all over the world  but also working with an amazing international team. I’ve heard lots of accents and languages and it so amazing to see how many people from different cultures and religions Cal Reiet can bring together.

No matter how hard the day may be at the end, I know that I’m an important key in the big machine that keeps this amazing holistic hotel running, and that’s satisfying our customers with mantra’s, a smile an amazing vegetarian food is enough to keep me coming back.