Soul to Soul Conversation at Cal Reiet

Dedicate time to recharge and show up as your best for the ones you love. Maybe it is a meditation, a treatment, a self care ritual or just a talk to a person who can give you space and advice to unfold your layers of protection to make your next step on your path of life.

During retreats there is much room that thoughts or feelings arrive in your consciousness from your unconsciousness. We give you space and an option to walk out of wherever you feel stuck. Take your chance to work with our trained therapist in his offering “Soul to Soul Conversation“.

Soul to Soul Conversation

A space where we can talk and share what you would like to change, what bothers, hurts.

We can give you a broader view into your personal, emotional, mental or physical state to help you find answers, to transform this situation or pain.

Martín Córdoba

Psychological Counselor, Body Therapist & Yoga Teacher

Martin is one of our therapists and yoga teachers at Cal Reiet. He is a sensitive, competent and open-hearted being full of positive and lightful ideas that others can find their way out of their dark.

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