Under Your Skin – What we put on our skin, eventually ends up under it

Lovisa, the founder of ‘Under your skin’ experienced hormonal imbalances during her early twenties and got to hear from doctors that the only way forward was estrogen injections. She then started to read all about this treatment and its side effects and decided to try the natural way before starting the estrogen treatments. She looked up a retreat in northern India, which specialized in Chinese medicine, Tibetan healing and of course – Ayurveda. Lovisa decided to go there together with her mother and best friend, Christina. After three and a half amazing weeks in this retreat – doing yoga, having ayurvedic treatments and eating healthy her hormones were back on track – her period which had gone missing for 1 year, showed up again during the retreat.

This was a realization – a receipt on that this really had worked. Together with her mother they started to talk about all different chemicals, foods and other external factors our bodies meet every day. One of those was skincare. They looked into research that actually showed that the skin – which is our largest organ – takes up what we put onto it. They started to take a closer look of the products they were using, realizing that they didn’t understand a word of what they contained. The idea of Under Your Skin – a brand with 100% transparency and honesty were born.

Under Your Skin is here to contribute to the elimination on harmful chemicals in skincare. As a first step to show that this is possible to create high quality skincare without unnecessary chemicals, they launched their first line of natural and organic products back in 2018. Since 2018, they’ve managed to launch about 10 products (might sound like a small collection, but they have a ‘less is more’ mindset about everything they do) and launch into some of Europe’s most amazing hotels – one of them being Cal Reiet, which they happen to have a little extra love for, since it’s a holistic retreat.

The beginning of 2020 Corona came and ‘Under your skin’ noticed a big change in the market. For them, the crisis came at a critical time and they had to make big decisions fast – they turned their brand, which mostly focused on the hotel market, to a consumer-focused brand in less than two months. The results of this turned out great!

These times are testing and trying all of us – to be creative, hopeful and to remember that our physical and spiritual health is what we have to pay attention to. Lovisa likes to look at these times with a helicopter perspective – in three, four, five or maybe ten years we will hopefully look back and think that even though this year came with darkness and loss, it also came with new beginnings and new perspectives.

Find out more about ‘Under your skin’ at: https://underyourskin.se/