Holistic treatment at Cal Reiet

Here at Cal Reiet we have a diverse and specialised treatment menu, from Massages and Body Treatments to Spiritual and Energetic Healing Therapies, for that reason we have recently created the “The Cal Reiet Holistic Treatment”, a fully customised and personalised treatment.

At Cal Reiet we believe very much in individualism and how every person is different and unique, for that reason we wanted to offer a custom treatment and personal wellness experience.  

The Cal Reiet Holistic Treatment session begins with a short consultation with our experienced therapist, an informal chat over a cup of tea to identify the areas to work on, possible unbalances at a physical, emotional, energetic and/or spiritual level will be evaluated it during the wellness consultation.

Our intention with this new addition is to give the option for everyone to find what they truly need in the present moment, to fulfil their wellbeing needs and desires. Expect a mix of different techniques, from manual manipulation to healing touch and nourishing feeling, a unique experience which will bring body, mind and spirit back into balance.

Our two beautiful treatments rooms, therapists and our outdoor space invite you to let go and deeply relax. We love to serve you. Book your treatment directly here.