Autumn and Winter Wellbeing Through Yoga and Wellness

Autumn Winter is when everything unfolds, significant changes in nature along with temperature change. It is a windy, wet and cold season; therefore, it is advised to bring into our life the opposite qualities such as warmth, moist and comfort. 

When it comes to Yoga and Asana practice, standing and balancing poses help to build up strength, focus and sense of grounding. Connecting with the Earth and cultivate its qualities is a must during the fall. Pranayama practice (Yogic Breathing Exercises) like Nadi Shodana is advised to purify, regulate and balance the flow of energy through the pranic body. Ujjayi breath is a calming breath which builds heat from the inside out and helps to keep the body warm.

Nourishing the body trough holistic treatments is also a way to bring balance into our wellbeing during fall, relaxing the nervous system to help reset the body and mind and reaching a great sense of deep relaxation and nourishment. Treatments like Aromatherapy, Gentle Full Body Massage and Body Beauty Treatments are highly recommended. 

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