Cal Reiet’s healthy recipes – Cucurbit salad

Spring is just around the corner and what better time to enjoy a fresh, delicious, healthy salad than this time of the year? We’re pleased to share our recipe for cucurbit salad .

Ingredients (serves 1)

7 1×1 cm peeled cucumber cubes
7 1x1cm melon cubes. Choose “piel de sapo” if possible, a Majorcan variety
C/N “Aguachile” of cucumber/melon
5 1x1cmGreek feta cheese cubes,
Thin slices of peeled cucumber (without seeds)
Thin slices of ‘piel de sapo’ melon
Raw and pickled almond slices (lactic fermentation)
Fresh “Codium” seaweed
Young coriander sprouts
Organic extra virgin olive oil
Es Trenc salt flower


Aguachile is a typical dish of Mexican cuisine, also called “ceviche” in Mexico.
This recipe is based on this Mewxican dish, but with the imprint of Cal Reiet. Rawand fresh infredients, with a citrus dressing and the perfume of coriander, typical in ceviches or aguachiles.

We will make the dressing with the following ingredients: peeled cucumber cuts, melon cuts, coriander stems, a small piece of hot green chilli, 2 ice cubes and the juice of 2 limes.
1. We blend all the ingredients perfectly until obtaining a texture of a smooth, green and homogeneous cream. Add salt if necessary.
2. Add 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and blend again until you have a perfect emulsion.
3. Reserve.

Cut the cucumber and melon slices, as thin and long as possible to give volume and presentation to the salad. We can cut them with a mandolin or a food laminating tool.

Cut the cucumber and melon 1x1cm cubes as perfect as possible to give the dish an aesthetic.

Place the salad at the base of a deep plate and add 5 tablespoons of the soup / dressing. On top, put 7 cubes of melon and 7 cubes of cucumber. Then incorporate 5 cubes of Greek feta cheese. Cover it with the cucumber and melon slices, giving volume to the plate and forming an organic figure.

To finish, we will put the almond slices, the seaweed and the coriander sprouts.
Add extra virgin olive oil and Es Trenc salt.