Healthy recipes by Cal Reiet – Watermelon gazpacho

Fresh, healthy and delicious! We’re ready to share one of our best Summer recipes with all of you. It has the flavor of Summer and Spain all written over it. Let’s make some watermelon gazpacho!

Ingredients for the gazpacho:

– 2 cups of watermelon cut in cubes without seeds
– 1 roasted beet without its skin
– 1/2 medium red onion
– 1/2 red pepper
– 1/2 cucumber without skin
– 1 clove garlic
– 1/4 cup sherry / cider vinegar
– 4 ice cubes
– Salt and pepper

Ingredients for the almond ricotta:

– 1 cup of almonds soaked for 1 night
– 4 cups of mineral water
– 1/4 cup lemon juice
– Salt
– Fresh herbs: dill – chives – oregano – coriander
– Extra virgin olive oil

Ingredients for the marinated watermelon cubes:

– 1 cm x 1 cm watermelon cubes, seedless
– 1/4 cup of tamari eco sauce
– 3 tablespoons sesame oil

Other optional ingredients for serving:

– 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
– Sprouts of basil, coriander, radish
– Mix of activated and toasted seeds: pumpkin, sunflower, etc.


1. To make the cold watermelon gazpacho, we blend all the ingredients except for the ice (if you have a Thermomix, use it!). We blend them at maximum power until we get a soup with a homogeneous texture. Lastly, we’ll add the ice and blend it together until getting a very cold soup. Add salt and pepper. Keep it in the fridge to serve it cold.

2. To make the almond ricotta, first you will need to make the almond milk in a food processor, crushing the almonds that previously soaked during the night before, with the very cold mineral water. We will strain the milk through a mesh strainer. You can keep the pulp of the almonds for other preparations (crackers, cookies, etc). We will take the resulting milk to a pot over low heat, where we will heat it until it reaches approximately 80 degrees Celsius. At that time, we will add the lemon juice and let it rest for a while (off the heat). Once the milk is warm and the watery part has been separated from the fat part, we will strain it again with a fine mesh strainer, but this time with a fine cheese cloth or similar on it. Keep the result in the fridge for one night. The next day you can season the resulting ricotta with chopped herbs, the extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and if it were to your liking, you can also add spices, citrus zest, etc. Keep it in the fridge until you’re ready to use it. This recipe has multiple uses!

3. To marinate the watermelon cubes, we will cut the pieces into 1×1 cubes and remove the seeds, if any. We will mix the tamari and sesame oil in a bowl. We will add the watermelon cubes and stir well so that all the cubes are impregnated with the sauce.

4. At the time of serving, in the base of a bowl we will add a tablespoon of the almond ricotta, the marinated watermelon cubes, the basil sprouts, coriander and radish, the activated and toasted seeds. We will serve the soup cold and out a few drops of extra olive oil and sea salt flakes on top!