Healthy recipes by Cal Reiet: zucchini soup with microgreens

Here you have the perfect excuse to taste a healthy cream soup that is simple and very nutritious. If you add your preferred toppings, you’ll have a complete dish which the whole family will enjoy.
Suggestions for toppings: toasted dried fruits, fresh herbs, fresh cheese, bread croutons, pink or green pepper, spices, coconut milk.

4 servings

700 grs of dark green zucchini
1 small potato
1 medium onion (about 150 grs)
Extra virgin olive oil
4 large leaves of fresh spinach
2 tbsp of coconut flakes
8 green baby asparagus
Pinch of marine salt flakes
500 ml mineral water

In a pot, add the water and washed pumpkin (unpeeled), with the chopped potato pieces and the chopped onion. Take it to boil and keep the heat low, at the minimum. When the ingredients are boiled, add them to a blender with the boiled water and spinach leaves. Add 4 spoonfuls of AOVE and a pinch of salt. Blend at high speed. Add mineral water if you’d like the texture to me more liquid like. Serve in a deep plate or bowl, adding a little salt to the cream as well as laminated coconut and baby raw asparagus, cut finely.

Serve hot or at room temperature.