Healthy recipe by Cal Reiet: strawberry gazpacho

Summer, oh dear summer. We had been waiting for you and will definitely make the most of you this year! And with the heat, comes the thirst and the desire to prepare fresh, easy and delicious recipes. We are ready to help you out with a spectacular summer dish.

This is our strawberry gazpacho (VG, GF, RW)



1 kg of Medium hairloom tomatoes

2 medium garlics

4 tbsp. of cold pressed olive oil and more for decoration

1 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar

½ tsp. of Himalayan salt

½ tsp. of black pepper fresh grounded

250 grs. of strawberries



Blend all the ingredients for a minute. Strain well and serve cold topped with extra virgin olive oil. Quick, healthy & delicious!