Healthy recipes by Cal Reiet: burrata with escalivada

We’ve taken ‘escalivada’, a traditional dish from the Catalan kitchen and mixed it with a traditional Italian dish: burrata. You can not imagine the flavor and freshness this combination offers! Enjoy this dish in Spring and Summer, as one of the only dishes to help you bare the heat!


Ingredient – 4 servings

4 whole fresh burrata cheese

4 portions of escalivada (recipie below)

80 grs. arugola

Pinch of hibiscus salt or any other marine salt

Fresh grounded black pepper

Balsamic reduction

Fresh oregano


Escalivada – Ingredients:

3 medium eggplant (400 gr)

3 medium red bell pepper (400 gr)

150ml AOVE (Extra virgin olive oil)

3 garlic cloves peeled in halves

½ cup chopped parsley

1 tsp of marine salt

½ tsp of fresh grounded black pepper


Bake the whole eggplant and the red bell peppers 90 minutes at 200º. Put them out of the oven and let them cool covered in baking paper. This will help to peel them after. Peel them and cut them into stirps. Mix with the rest of the ingredients and marinate minimum 1 hour in a small container (you can cover it with olive oil and keep in the refrigerator for a week).

To ensamble the plate, divide the escalivada and the arugula in four portions, and using a 8 cm ring form one layer of escalivada then one layer of arugula and top them with a whole burrata seasoning with the hibiscus salt and the black pepper. Decorate with the balsamic reduction, fresh oregano and serve cold.