love over fear cal reiet hotel mallorca santanyi

Choosing love over fear

“Love does not want or fear anything” Eckhart Tolle We usually say that hate is the opposite of love, or war. But the truth is that fear is the opposite…
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selfcare cal reiet holistic retreat mallorca santanyi

Self care – love yourself!

What a time, what an experience, what an adventure! If you are reading this, you are probably in some sort of isolation or in some way, shape or form restricted…
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detox broth cal reiets table holistic hotel mallorca

Detox broth by Kai Müller

By gently simmering many different types of vegetables, the nutrients they contain dissolve and form the core of the nourishing effect of the broth. By adding special foods, such as…
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sensitiviry cal reiet mallorca holistic hotel santanyi


Sensitivity has to do with a quality of awareness to the present moment, and what is required in it. Sensitivity does not just mean to be mild and thoughtful, soft…
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Cal Reiet DIMA courage

Of courage and becoming alive

Life can be so strange and unexpected. All of a sudden it presents us with a task that appears overwhelming, too big, a little unfair and altogether simply too much.…
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Cal Reiet DIMA openess


To be open is a wonderful state to meet life in. It is a state of “despite-ness”. It would be easy to say that being open means having no expectations, no…
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